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Sunday, December 21, 2008                                                                             2009 UCAR - U Can Afford Racing

                  2009 Clash for Cash Series Rules


See UCAR Clash and WCS Safety Rules


Top 3 cars in weekly and Clash for Cash races will be sent to the rear of the field for following event.

Mandatory Safety Modifications Rules:


1.        6-point roll cage with a recommended 4 door bars on left side and 3 bars on right side. May remove inner structure on doors to accommodate cage ONLY. All roll bars must be 1-3.4” x .090” wall seamless steel tubing. Roll bars must be welded to a minimum 3”x3”x1/4” thick plate and secured SAFELY to the floor pan. A minimum 20 gauge steel plate must be welded on 3 of the driver’s door roll bars.  The plate must extend from the front of the drivers door bars to behind the driver’s seat.  Cage installation MUST be approved by UCAR CLASH and track officials.

       All cars must have a 6 point roll cage.  The two rear down bars will be welded to the outside top extents of the b-pillar hoop, extending down generally parallel to each other.  The bottom of the bars will be welded to either the top of the wheel well (near the top shock mount) or at the back area of the trunk. No added support or cross bars allowed between down bars.

2.        Aluminum Racing Seat is mandatory.

3.        Five-point racing harness required and must be mounted in a manner acceptable to track officials. Manufacture year must be within 3 years of current date. Ex: If current year is 2009, belts stamped 2005 or older not allowed.

       4.        Approved helmets, goggles or safety glasses, gloves, shoes and fire suits required at all times.

An approved neck brace is  required at all UCAR Clash races. A Hans device is recommended but not required


5.     Stock fuel tanks allowed if located in front of rear axle.  If stock fuel tank location is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a maximum 8-gallon fuel cell or boat fuel tank, securely mounted, covered with metal and centered in the trunk.  A metal fire wall for the purpose of separating the driver from the fuel tank is required to be in tact in the rear seat-back area.

6.        Window net required.  Must be mounted in the driver’s side window.  Must be secured at bottom and top with at least ½ “ solid rod or 3/16” x 1” flat bar.  Top mounting rod must be easily removable.  Rear of top rod must be accommodated by a slot, front of top rod accommodated with a leaver or seatbelt fastener.

7.        Hood and trunk must have ALL factory hinges and be fastened with at least two hood pins on each  far corner.

8.        Doors must be welded shut

9.        Fire extinguisher 1 lb. minimum. - Fire extinguisher must be in drivers reach and attached with an approved mechanism suitable to withstand a crash and stay fixed but be removed by the driver with ease in case of emergency.

10.     All bars within drivers reach must be padded


UCAR - General Rules


1.        1980 or later American and import front-wheel-drive only. Maximum wheelbase of 105”. No rear wheel cars allowed of any kind.

2.        4 cylinders only. No Quad 4s. 4 valves per cylinder max.  Dual overhead cam engines allowed.

3.        A compression check on all motors will be performed.  All motors are allowed to pump a maximum of 10% above stock compression, regardless of hot or cold.  Driver/owner to have a manual for make and model of car clearly stating manufacturer’s stock cranking compression.

3a        All motors allowed a max of 0.030 over bore.

4.        No turbo- or supercharged systems allowed.

5.   All weight will be added to the right side of car between the front and rear of the door(s).  More weight may be added for the sake of tight competition.  5a    All cars with more than 2 valves per cylinder and or dual overhead cams will add weight.  Cars with 2000cc or bigger will add 140 lbs.  Weight will be in a 3”X4” tube, welded or bolted as far right of the car as possible.

5b  Eight valve cars will not have to carry extra weight.

6.        Added weight in areas other than specified above will be cause for disqualification, no questions asked.

7.   No bracing or body modifications. Only stock bumpers front and rear.  Chains required on both bumpers for towing.  No cutting of any body parts or removal of inner structures.  Only exception is minimal trimming of inner door on drivers side for roll bars.

8.        Factory stock air cleaner system with no modifications. (No K & N filters allowed.)

9.   All body, frame, suspension, pedals, brakes, fly wheels and all motor replacement parts must be completely stock and OEM or OEM replacement for the year make and model claimed.  Quick-release steering wheel coupler allowed. Car can start with ignition key or toggle switch.  Gauges, radio and A/C control removal may be only changes to dash.

10.  Stock ride height will be 6 ½”  minimun on left and 7 ½”   on right, measured at the pinchweld or chassis, whichever is lowest.  This  will be checked weekly at all races.

11.  Battery can be mounted under the hood in stock location or relocated to the right-rear floorboard behind driver’s seat.  Right-rear floorboard location requires a sealed and securely mounted box.

12.     All insulation under hood MUST be removed.

13.     Stock carburetor/fuel-injection system for that make and model. Stock computers only.  Anyone altering computers will be disqualified and  suspended from the following race.  Second offense will result in suspension for remainder of season.

14.     Stock transmission, manual or automatic with stock differential. No locked/welded differentials.  No torsen or worm-gear type differentials.  No aftermarket limited slip differentials.  No altering of flywheels allowed.

15.     Removal of A/C condenser and pump is allowed.

16.     Removal of inertia switch is allowed; Ford fuel shut-off.

17.     Removal of rear seat allowed, but must cover rear firewall area with aluminum or steel sheet metal.

18.     Electric engine cooling fans may be wired to run constantly

19.  Exhaust: Must use factory exhaust manifold for that car.  Must use factory unaltered stock muffler, NO glass- pack or turbo-type allowed.  Must have tail-pipe exit either in front of rear tire or past rear bumper.  Resonating exhaust tips not allowed.  Mufflers not required for cars visiting from other tracks who’s ruleset’s do not require mufflers.  When racing at WCS:  ALL CARS MUST HAVE MUFFLERS, NO EXCEPTIONS

21.     Stock wheels, stock suspension in stock position. Maximum of 3 degrees camber in both front wheels. Max 0 degrees camber in rear wheels.  Shocks, springs and struts must be stock for that make model year and engine size.  No 6-cyl. springs/shocks/struts allowed on a 4-cyl.  Springs must be the same in all dimensions left vs. right sides.

21.  Up to one full circle of spring rubber on each corner of the car is allowed.  Rubber may be cut, but not aligned vertically and stacked.  Rubber must be installed butted together extending in a circular fashion, even if in pieces.  Rubber must be a standard, off the shelf, purchased item made for oval track racing purposes.  No homemade spring rubbers.

22.     Windshield required. Maybe replaced with 1/8” LEXAN. (No Plexiglas)

23.     Push button horn optional.

24.  Bonus money for best horn at race

Tire & Rims

1.   Passenger car tires only.  All four wheels and tires must be of the same brand and model and must all be 13, 14 or 15“, 60 or 70 series, 185-195-205 width only.  All four tires must be radials. No bias-ply tires allowed. No shaved tires.  No high performance or soft compound tires allowed.  This is to keep the cost of tires down for all and help keep the events competitive..

2.        No soaking of UCAR tires at any race at any time.

2008 Claim Rules:


Claim and exchange rule is in effect at all times. Claim amount is $1250.00 cash plus your car. This rule will allow the claimant and claimer to continue to race the following week. Only the driver finishing one position behind can claim the car ahead of him. This claim is for the whole car minus seat and harness. If you can't build a car for $1250.00, then don't build one for this class. Any driver who refuses a claim will be suspended for the next two events. If he or she denies a claim a second time in the same season, he or she will be suspended for the remainder of the season.  We are going to put the “stock” back in stock car racing. If you do not see it in the rules or specifications.. DO NOT DO IT!  This division is intended for those who wish to race but don't want to spend a lot of money. For those wishing to stretch the rules or spend more than $1250.00 in a car, pick a different division. This division is slated to be one of the most exciting divisions at  WCS and kept affordable enough for all to enjoy. For more rules info for the UCAR Clash or WCS call Larry P. Walls at 919-291-0938 or go to www.ucarclash.com or www.wakecountyspeedway.com  

  keep racing cost at a minimum and