Walls Roofing UCAR Clash


                     UPDATED  2010 Rules as of August 8, 2010



Do not make any modifications other than listed below without obtaining approval from the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials in writing.

Top 3 cars in the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash race from the previous event will be sent to the rear of the field in the main event. ALL cars must run in the heat races to qualify for the 1st place points awarded for winning that heat race (normal race 2pts.-double points event 4 pts.)

Any driver or crew member entering another competitor's pit area with the intent of causing a disturbance, conflict or fight will be disqualified from the event and be banned from the next scheduled UCAR Clash event. Disorderly conduct, profanity, and fighting will not be tolerated. Owners/Drivers are responsible for the actions of their crew.

Any driver that is disqualified from any event for any reason can be disqualified from the next event at the discretion of the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials. Any driver that shows disrespect to any UCAR Clash official can be disqualified for one or more events as well.

Top 5 cars in all races will go through tech according to the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash rules for 2010.

Mandatory for 2010-All drivers are required to have Racing Electronics race receivers. The Walls Roofing UCAR Clash will have a limited amount of race receivers for sale or rental at all UCAR Clash events.

Any track that requires a transponder-drivers will be required to rent or furnish their own transponder for that event.

Mandatory for 2010-All cars will run  Walls Roofing UCAR Clash across the top of your windshield. Supplied by the car owner/driver. In case you have to run your local track sponsor you can place this on the bottom of the windshield, not restricting drivers view. Lettering must be 38" long by 3" tall (minimum)

Illegal Parts

Any parts including but not limited to full motors, heads, flywheel, intake, exhaust, computer boxes, springs, shocks, carburetor/fuel injection system, transmission, performance brakes including master cylinders, AND including your entire car if so grossly illegal WILL BE TAKEN  if deemed necessary by the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials and NOT RETURNED.

Mandatory Safety Rules:

1. 6-point roll cage with a recommended 4 door bars on left side and 3 bars on right side. May remove inner structure on doors to accommodate cage ONLY. All roll bars must be 1-3.4" x .090" wall seamless steel tubing. Roll bars must be welded to a minimum 3"x3"x1/4" thick plate and secured SAFELY to the floor pan. A .20 gage drivers door plate must be on 3 bars of the drivers side roll cage. The plate must go from the front of the drivers door to the back end of the drivers door. Cage installation MUST be approved by the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials.

2. All cars must have a 6 point roll cage in your cars. The extra 2 bars will go at the right and left side of your car and will attach to the bottom rear trunk area of car and must be plated. 1 added support bar in rear allowed and must be attached level between left and right down bars.

3. Five point racing seat belts required and must be mounted in a manner acceptable to the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials. Belts must be dated within the last 5 years to be legal. Anything older than 5 years are NOT acceptable. Date must be visible to UCAR officials to be eligible to race.

4. Approved helmets, goggles or safety glasses, gloves, shoes and fire suits required at ALL times. A neck brace is required at all UCAR Clash races. HANS is recommended but not required. The neckbrace will be part of the mandantory safety inspection done by UCAR Clash officials.

  4.a-Any driver at any time during practice, heat race or main event, that is seen by UCAR Clash officials without the required safety equipment will be immediately black flagged. Once safety equipment items are put on and approved by the UCAR Clash officials, you will be allowed back on the track.

5.  Fuel tank. If stock fuel tank is ahead of rear axle, it may be used or can be removed and replaced with a fuel cell. If stock fuel tank is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a maximum 8-gallon fuel cell, securely mounted, covered and centered in the trunk. A metal fire wall is required over all back seat areas. ALL fuel tanks, that are replaced with fuel cells, MUST be removed.

6. Window net must be mounted in the driver side window with opening secured with 1/2" solid rod or 3/16" x 1" flat bar with the rear of top rod in slot and the front of the top rod secured with a leaver or seatbelt fastener. Fastener must be located in an area accessible to all rescue personel.

7. Hood must be fastened with hood pins. One on each corner(4) Trunk can be fastened with hood pins on each corner or the hinges may be left on. If you have a fuel cell then you MUST use hood pins on the trunk.

8. All doors must be welded shut. No chaining of doors will be allowed.

9. Fire extinguisher 1 lb. minimum. Fire extinguisher must be in drivers reach and be up to date and fully charged.

10. Padding around driver is required.

UCAR General Rules:

1. 1980 or newer American and Import front-wheel- drive 4 cylinder only. Maximum wheelbase of 105". NO rear wheel cars of any kind allowed.

2. 4 cylinders only. No quad 4's. 4 valves per cylinder max-16 valve motors. ALL E-Tech motors are legal for 2010 season. E-Tech motors will be required to run 140 lbs. as per rule 5 below.

3.Dual overhead cam engines allowed. A compression check on all motors will be done. Driver/Owner are to have the tech manual for make and model of car showing all motor specs including compression and bore and stoke. If you do not have your manual you are subject to immediate disqualification by the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials. All motors are allowed 10% above stock compression.

3a. All motors are allowed to bore motors to a max of 30 over piston.

4. No turbo or supercharged systems allowed.

5. Multi Valve cars with 2000cc or bigger and E-Tech motors will add 140 lbs. minimum. Weight will be double bolted with air craft grade bolts with self locking nuts on top and fender washered (min. 1 1/2") from bottom through top on RIGHT side as far right side center of door as possible.

5a. Eight valve cars will not have to carry any weight.

5b. All weight will be on the far right, center of door, of car. More weight will be added if needed to make all cars equal in speed. Any car with weight any other place in car will be disqualified-no questions asked.

5c.  Car weight and motor size will be listed on both sides of car on front fenders behind front tire.


6. No bracing or body modifications. Stock bumpers front and rear. Chains required on both bumpers for towing. No cutting of any body parts or removal of inner structures unless needed to install roll bars only on drivers and passengers side of car door.

7. Factory stock air cleaner system with no modifications. No K & N filters or performance filters allowed. Air filter housing must be in stock location with all stock parts and in working condition.

8. All body, frame, suspension, pedals, brakes, flywheels and all motor replacement parts must be completely stock and OEM or OEM replacement for the year, make and model claimed. Quick-release steering wheel coupler allowed. Car can start with ignition key or toggle switch. Gauges, radio and A/C control removal may be done to dash. The dash can be removed and a metal dash can be installed with all openings in fire wall covered with metal.

9. Stock ride height will be 6 1/2 minimum on left and 7 1/2 on right. This will be checked at all races.

9a. Minimum and maximum ride height is based on- After car has been stripped and all racing components including cage have been installed and NO cutting of springs and shocks can be done to lower ride height to the minimum of 6 1/2. Any modifications done to any car suspension will be subject to immediate disqualification by the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash officials. See section and rule for illegal parts.

10. Battery can be mounted under the hood in stock location or on the left rear behind drivers seat and well secured in a sealed box.

11. All insulation under hood must be removed.

12. Stock carburetor/fuel injection system for that make and model ONLY. Stock computers ONLY.Anyone altering computers will be disqualified for the next race (first offense) and for the season (second offense) No questions asked. See section and rule for illegal parts.

13. Stock transmission, 5-speed or automatic, and stock differential. No locked differential. No altering of flywheels allowed.

14. Removal of A/C condenser and pump is allowed.

15. Removal of inertia switch is allowed; Ford fuel shut-off.

16. Removal of rear seat allowed. Must cover rear firewall with aluminum or steel sheet metal.

17. Electric engine cooling fans may be hot-wired to run constantly or can be put on a toggle switch in dash.

18. EXHAUST: Must use factory exhaust manifold for that car. Must use factory unaltered stock muffler, glass pack or straight-pipe allowed at all tracks EXCEPT WCS. Must have tail-pipe exit either in front of rear tire or past rear bumper. Resonating exhaust tips not allowed. When racing at Wake County Speedway in Raleigh, NC(ONLY)-ALL cars must have mufflers. NO EXCEPTIONS. All other tracks-do not require mufflers.

19. No aftermarket wheels allowed. Only stock (OEM) steel wheels or aluminum wheels permitted.  You may use cam bolt kits, camber adjusters, adjustable ball joints or  slotting of  the mounting holes in the control arms or  lower holes in the struts by grinding or drilling only (no torch cutting) to achieve a maximum of 3 degrees positive or negative camber only. Do not in any way alter the upper mounting points of the strut tower.  No  camber  adjustment allowed on rear of car. Rear camber 0 degrees.  No altering of springs in any way.  Must be the same that came on that car-in other words no 6 cylinder springs allowed on a 4 cylinder car. Springs must be equal diameter and unsprung length on left and right sides. See section and rule on illegal parts.

19a. Spring rubbers all four corners are approved. one spring rubber per spring only.

19b. No crabbing of rearend of car!!!! Rearend must be in stock location with no spacers or washer used to off set or crab rear of car. We will pull a string on rear to front to make sure this has not been done.

20. Windshield required. May be replaced with 1/8" LEXAN. No Plexiglass. All other glass components including windows MUST be removed.

Tires and Rims

1. Passenger car tires only. All four wheels and tires must be the same size on all four corners and must all be 13-14-15-16" 60 or 70 series tires 185-195-205 in size only. All four tires must be radials. No bias-ply tires allowed. No shaved tires. No high performance or low profile tires allowed. This is to keep the cost of tires down and racing equal.

1b.200 treadwear or higher

1c. BANNED TIRES Yokohama ADVAN A048 AS of today June 19, 2010 the Yokohama ADVAN A048 or any other tire like this will be banned from the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash as well as at any track that is or will be running by the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash rules in the future. The mandated thread wear is a minimum of 200 or harder compound. As a note to this when we have our rules meeting in Dec-Jan the tires will be taken out of this and set at one make in 13-14-15-16 185-195-205 to help keep the cost down to all and to even up the playing field for all.  AS of today June 19, 2010 the Yokohama ADVAN A048 or any other tire like this will be banned from the

2. No UCAR can soak tires at any track at any time.

3. All 4 tires and wheels MUST be the same size on all 4 corners but NOT the same manufacturer.

2010 Claim Rule:

Claim and exchange rule is in effect at all times. Claim amount is $1500.00 plus your car. This rule will allow the claimant and claimer to continue to race the following week. Only the driver finishing one position behind can claim the car ahead of him or her. This claim is for the whole car minus seat and harness or seat belts and window net. If you can't build a car for $1500.00, then don't build one for this class. Any driver who refuses a claim will be disqualified for the next two events. If he or she denies a claim a second time in the same season, he or she will suspended for the remainder of the season. We are going to put the "stock" back in stock car racing. If you do not see it in the rules or specifications, DO NOT DO IT. This division is intended for those who wish to race but don't want to spend a lot of money. For those wishing to stretch the rules or spend more than $1500.00 in a car, then pick a different division. This division is slated to be one of the most exciting and fastest growing in our region and kept affordable enough for all to enjoy. For more info for the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash call Larry P. Walls at 919-291-0938 or go to www.ucarclash.com


Larry P. Walls





By Editing Director:

Kelly Rabon Jones




Walls Roofing UCAR Clash Race Procedures:

1. All drivers will draw a pill at registration for position in starting line up in a heat race.

2. Heat race will be 10 laps for asphalt , 5 laps for dirt and 5 laps for road course.

3. Main event will be 50 laps for asphalt, 25 laps for dirt and 25 laps for road course.

4. All races will have double file restarts. 5 laps to go will be single file with lap cars to the rear.

5. Top 5 cars at ALL races will go through tech. Only driver and 1 mechanic allowed with car.

6. ANYONE violating these procedures WILL BE IMEDIATELY DISQUALIFIED.