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Next Race, Fayetteville Motor Speedway, August 14 2010.

Rules Update, August 6, 2010

19b. No crabbing of rearend of car!!!! Rearend must be in stock location with no spacers or washer used to off set or crab rear of car. We will pull a string on rear to front to make sure this has not been done.

See rules page for complete updated rules.

Dirt racing a crucial part of the Clash

The Walls' Roofing UCAR Clash series is a grassroots success, and nothing is more grassroots than a Saturday night on the dirt track. As the series rolls into Fayetteville Motor Speedway Saturday night, the Clash continues an important tradition of red-clay racing. It's a tradition you shouldn't expect to change.

I started on dirt and I think every driver should race dirt before they ever get to asphalt," said Larry Walls, series director. "People agree with that across the board. It's hard to take a person who has driven nothing but asphalt and put them on dirt. On dirt, loose is fast. You have to get the rear end out there."

Last year's champion, Keith Brame Jr. dominiated the dirt races, winning all three events. However, this season has been wide-open, with five different winners in five races. Expect big things as the Clash slides into the Fayetteville. This will mark the third type of racing surface the series has visited this year.

When you have got somebody that can run dirt, asphalt and road course and can get the job done, they are out there driving and showing what their skills give them," Walls said. "If you are looking to make NASCAR you better have all three under their belt to get to NASCAR. Dirt teaches you if you lose the rear of your car how to get it back. It teaches you if you lose the nose of your car how to get it back. It teaches you how to set a car up for different conditions. That's why I love dirt.

As the season continues, The series biggest races are on the horizon. With the economy hurting racers and car counts dropping across the country, Walls has developed a plan to make the last three races of the season, at North Wilkesboro, Wake County and Dillon, the biggest races in the history of UCAR racing- the triple crown.

"I'm going to go right to the point. The last three races are my biggest races of the year," Walls said. "You have North Wilkesboro, the NASCAR track, it's an honor to even be considered for being there. Then you follow that up with Wake County with the Spooktacular and it's averaged 30 cars every race we've had there at the end of the season. Then you go to the national championship at Dillon and you've got to pull them off in three weekends."

The winner of all three races, the triple crown, will receive a $500 bonus on top of regular race purses. If a driver can win two of the three races, it's a $200 bonus. If no one collects the triple crown, the driver with the best average finish in the three races will be declared the triple crown champion and will collect a $200 bonus and a trophy.

Take a shot at the Walls' Roofing Triple Crown!

The Walls Roofing UCAR Clash last three races are back to back. Starting on October 31,2010 we will be at the historic North Wilkesboro Speedway for a big day of racing. On November 6,2010 we will be at the Wake County Speedway for our big North/South Spooktacular with the UCAR Clash OPEN Modified 50 lap class as a support class for the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash cars 100 lap. Last but not least we will be at Dillon Motor Speedway 100 lap on November 13-14 for our National Championship race.

So with that said here is the deal any driver that can win all three of those races will get a $500.00 bonus from the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash.

If you can win 2 out 3 it will be a $200.00 bonus but you have to race all three races to quantifies for the award.

Larry P. Walls

Series announces first ever 'open modified' race

On November 6, 2010 the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash will hold its Second annual North/South Spooktacular. This year will be the first time the UCAR Clash has added an event to its race day schedule. This year will be the first every OPEN Modified UCAR Clash race. We are now working on purse and sponsorship for this class of cars for our big event on November 6th. This race will be the next to the last race of the season for the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash before we head to Dillon Motor Speedway for our championship race. The rules are simple and straight forward so get your cars ready to rumble at the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash Second Annual North/South Spooktacular. Rules below for the OPEN Modified UCAR Clash race

Open Modified UCAR Rules

Rule Change Effective Immediately

AS of today June 19, 2010 the Yokohama ADVAN A048 or any other tire like this will be banned from the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash as well as at any track that is or will be running by the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash rules in the future. The mandated thread wear is a minimum of 200 or harder compound. As a note to this when we have our rules meeting in Dec-Jan the tires will be taken out of this and set at one make in 13-14-15-16 185-195-205 to help keep the cost down to all and to even up the playing field for all.

I am not sure of what to make of this tire deal. People are nuts for paying that much for a tire to win $85.00--$500.00--$1000.00. That tire is over $200.00 each I am in awe of this and a bit stunned. I started this to get back to grassroots racing and to keep the cost of tires and cars down so the average Joe could go racing and not go broke to do so. Remember U Can Afford Racing is what UCAR stands for and I will keep it that way.


Larry P. Walls

Click below to read a story from Raleigh's Independent Weekly about Robert Arch, the 2010 UCAR Clash points leader!

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