Saturday, July 30th

7:30 AM USAR/MMS Registration Opens

8:00 AM USAR/MMS Hauler Parking

9:00 AM USAR Crew Chief Meeting

9:30 AM USAR Garage & Tech Inspection Open


10:00 Walls Roofing UCAR Clash Registration $50.00 and TECH opens

10:30 AM USAR Spotters & Rookie Drivers Meeting

10:30 AM USAR Track Services Meeting

11:00 AM-11:30 AM USAR First Practice

12:00 PM-12:45 PM USAR Second Practice

12:45 PM-1:25 PM Limited Sportsman/Allison Legacy Series,

1:25 PM-2:10 PM USAR Final Practice 2:10 PM2:45 PM Limited Sportsman/Allison Legacy Series,Walls Roofing UCAR Clash Series Practice

3:00 PM USAR Drivers Meeting

3:00 PM MMS LS Drivers Meeting Backstretch

3:15 PM USAR Chapel Service

3:30 PM ***Grandstands Open***

3:30 PM LS/Allison Legacy Series Qualifying/2 Laps Qualifying

3:30 PM USAR Cars in Tech Line

4:00 Walls Roofing UCAR Clash 2-7 lap heat races

4:30 PM USAR Tire Scuff Session

4:45 PM USAR Qualifying

5:45-6:30 PM USAR Autograph Session

6:45 PM Pre Race Ceremonies & Driver Introductions

7:00 PM USAR Pro Cup Race (200 Laps)

Allison Legacy Series Race to begin 30 minutes after the conclusion of the Pro-Cup Event, followed by Limited Sportsman 50 Lap Race & Larry Walls Roofing UCAR Clash Series. ***MMS TRACK POINTS WILL BE AWARDED*** For More Information on the Walls Roofing UCAR Clash Series go to

Motor Mile Speedway 6749 Lee Hwy Radford, VA 24141 Phone: 540-639-1700 Website:

Minimum Pit Age: 10

Rigs In or Out: In

ATV Usage in Pits: Yes

Pit Gate Admission: $35 USAR Member / $45 Non Member

LS Pit Gate Admission: $30 With Lic. / $40 Non Lic.

U-Car Gate Admission: $30