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Tested in the lab, proven in the real world, Versico and Versigard roofing products are sure to meet your needs and surpass your expectations. Versigard and Reinforced Versigard EPDM roofing are time-proven roofing membranes that remain stable and functional in the face of roofing's worst enemies. To ensure they respond to normal structural movement, they are engineered to remain flexible and dimensionally stable over time. Over the years, Versigard membranes have been installed on all typed of buildings. Today, they're still up there on top of it all - doing their job day in, day out.

Versigard roofing is an ideal choice for both new construction and re-roofing. And there's a Versigard system that can be installed to meet your building's design requirements. Compared with built-up roofing choices, a lightweight Versigard system will place less stress on the existing structure, helping maintain building integrity and lowering initial construction costs.

Many roofing projects come down to cost. Versico has you covered there too. Qualified, warranted installation, coupled with lower maintenance adds up to a longer roof life cycle, giving customers more roof for the money.
Additionally, Versigard roofing requires fewer man hours to install than conventional built-up roofing. And when combined with pre-engineered accessories, a Versigard system adds up to less disruption for building occupants along with lower labor costs.

Verisgard roofing is supplied in 45, 50 or 60 mil thick sheets, up to 50' wide by 200' long. Reinforced Versigard roofing are available in standard black or white on black.Factory fabricated components including adhesive tapes and self-adhering flashings are available for added efficiency on most installations.

Verigard roofing is designed for mechanically attached, fully adhered or ballasted system applications. Reinforced Versigard roofing adds additional strength and durability to all of these applications.

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