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The Rite Material
DeckRite is a flexible vinyl covering designed for applications on decks, patios, balconies, breezeways or any exterior walkway. It is manufactured in 72" X 90' rolls. DeckRite is slip resistant, mildew resistant, waterproof and engineered specifically for long-term performance. The membrane comes in four standard colors and is suitable for all climates.

The Rite Design

DeckRite is designed specifically as a low maintenance, durable, walking surface which is installed over wood or concrete. In addition, it also acts as a waterproofing membrane which can be used on installations over living areas or on raised decks to keep the space below dry. It is also great for multiple deck applications on apartments and condominiums.

The Rite Advantages
Enhances the look of exterior walkways and decks
Eliminates painting or staining wooden decks each year
Can be applied to most surfaces
Slip resistant
Easy to install
Easy to keep clean
Waterproofing system
Resists mildew, chemicals, and ultraviolet rays
Eliminates the hazards of wood splinters and unsightly concrete spalling and cracking
Complies with ADA(Americans with Disabilities Act) for slip resistance
  • Custom build and design decks for your home
  • Computer-generated and modern technique designed decks

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